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Week 15 Activity

If everything were to turn out as I have it planned Right now, I would become something in the medical field. I would either become a chiropractor or a physical therapist. This is as of right now and what I am studying. I like learning about the human body as it relates to movement and structure, as opposed to what we think of about a common doctor who is more interested in the physiology and diseases. My plan for the next five years is mainly school. If I were to start counting off as of right now, the first two years, would involve finishing my Kinesiology bachelor degree in my third and fourth years of college. For at least two of the following next three years I would be in grad school, while hopefully working a decent paying job with my Bachelors degree and setting my self up for a nice career job when I finish grad school in two or three years. After that i am secure, maybe I will try to a bunch of traveling and adventurous things before deciding to settle to have a family and try to start a new life for someone.

If everything I described above suddenly was lost, I would do possibly two things. The first is I would work for my dad, who owns a construction company. My plan for the next five years would simply be to work with him and focus entirely on learning the craft and continuing the company after he decides to retire. Besides that, I would immediately go an enlist in the navy. I would go through the first few years as an enlisted serviceman and work my way up the ranks. It is something which is a pretty stable job and something with an abundance of benefits. It is also something noble and I’ve always been attracted to the navy.

If I was totally financially secure, I would actually consider opening up a mechanic shop specifically for vintage VWs. I am fascinated and obsessed with them. I drive a 1971 super beetle myself. It is my pride and joy. The market for the classic VW’s is actually coming back and booming and prices and values are on  a very steady incline for the foreseeable future. I am not very knowledgeable about all the mechanics, but I know enough and I would simply hire out all the old mechanics I know who use to be VW certified to do most of the work. I would sit back and admire.

Week 15 Classmate Convo

The very last classmate conversation we did was a cool one because I finally met someone, who not only was out of state, but was also out of the country.

This past week I met a new friend called Duy Vu. Immediately there was a connection because a close family friend has the same last name. Duy Vu is a freshman at CSULB. He is a computer science major and really loves computers and how the software works. He actually plans to develop video games as a career  and dream job. He would like to work either for Blizzard or Riot.

In Duy’s free time, he likes to watch anime and other TV shows. He loves to play games, especially League of Legends. Anything that is Sherlock related he also likes. He wants to start playing tennis but as a busy student always on the go he hasn’t had the time. A fun fact about him is that he is fascinated by owls. A liking we also had in common was that we both like dogs that look like wolves, especially huskies. But the coolest thing about Duy is that he is from Vietnam. He lives at the international students’s dorms and like the American atmosphere. He is excited though to get back to his country for the summer. Maybe he will post his summer on his website at notduyswear.wordpress.com.

Nice meeting you, Duy. And if ever I go to Vietnam, I’m hitting you up.image1.jpeg

Week 14 Activity: Japanese Garden

First I have to say that it is actually hard than I thought to draw without an eraser. We have an image in our head and we know what we want it to look like. But for some reason our hand cannot translate the mental image into a sketched image on paper. Once you screw up the line, or you think you have screwed up the line, you immediately want to fix it and erase it. Its hard to convince yourself that this line is not a mess up but part if the drawing. I guess this makes sense when you see sketches by artists done in pen. I always wondered how they risked it and what they did if a line seemed out of place. Now I understand that all lines have their place, and even if it looks off it can still be incorporated into the drawing.

I started off the drawing activity by trying to pick out the features which made the Japanese Garden what it was. So I noticed the carefully manicured plants and the koi fish. I knew if I could get the plants down especially, it would make the final sketch really appear Japanese.                                                                       IMG_2518 (1)         IMG_2519 (1)

This was the final product. I probably should have also practiced the bridge as it was very characteristic of the Japanese garden as well. I like more of a representational art so that is what I tried to make this sketch.IMG_2512 (1).JPG

Classmate Convo Week 14

This past week for art 110 we met up in the awesome Japaneses garden. Here besides the activity for the week, we also had to do a classmate conversation. Sitting behind me was a guy doing his drawings. I had no clue who he was, he didn’t know me, so we decided to talk.

My new found friend is Sergio Perez. Sergio is a fourth year computer engineering student at CSULB looking to graduate spring of next year. How nice does that sound! Good luck and congratulations to you my friend.

Sergio lives in Paramount, California and commutes to school every day. Lucky for him, his commute is not very long, although some times it can become a little traffic heavy. He has numerous hobbies he enjoys doing that range from outdoor to indoor. He likes to go on hikes as well as going cycling. When he is not doing that, he likes to relax at home and play some video games. His favorite game of all time he says would have to be Mortal Kombat.

Although Sergio really likes his free time, like all of us college students, he needs to try to make ends meet financially. For a job, he works in downtown Long Beach. He says its easy though. All he does is hangs out at a booth and charges cars to use the parking lot. He does this mostly on weekends when there is more traffic and more business in Long Beach.

His website is thatoneguysergio.wordpress.comFullSizeRender.jpg

Week 13 Classmate Convo

This past week for our classmate conversations, I talked to German Lomeli. German is a 19 year old  freshman here at CSULB. He is planning right now to become a film major and hopes to eventually make movies down the road- hopefully some blockbuster movies too.

German is a lifetime Long Beach local guy. Although he lives very near the school., he actually dorms. He wants to live that college dorm life and better prepare himself for living on his own one day when he gets a career in the film industry.

German like some other things besides making and editing videos in his free time. One thing he said he use to do is long boarding. We had a good talk about this since we are both into. But German was really into it. He would do downhill bombing with slides and the whole 9 yards. He would even do competitions. He said he has kind of come away from that since he has to focus more on school. However, he still likes to skate. We hope to cruise together on our longboards sometime soon. IMG_2495.JPG

Week 13 Artist Convo

This past week I walked into a sparse art show at the SOA galleries. Upon entering one of the galleries, in the middle was a display which really caught my eye. When you walk in, there is a line across the floor and up the wall which separates the viewer from the display. Once you cross over it, you feel as if you have entered the boxing ring or arena.On the floor were three chess boards, set up to play. On either side of each chess board were pillows which people could kneel on or sit on while they faced each other in a match of minds. IMG_2499.JPG

The boards were thick slabs of wood and the chess pieces looked like huge nails, each with a different head. To play the game and move the pieces, the pieces had to be forcefully stabbed into the wood. These pieces were made using an elbow mill.

The artist for this display was Sam Mederos. Sam Mederos is a sculpting major looking to graduate within the next year. He posted a description of his art project in the gallery. He wanted viewers to interact with his art. He wanted six people to play at a time. Everyone else had to stand behind the line as spectators.

There were several inspirations to this gallery. Sam said he likes to play chess in calm settings. The room is dimly lit and bare, nothing to distract your focus. While this is an intellectual game, Sam also wanted to remind the viewers how chess is also a game of violence. He does this by making it in such a way that you have to forcefully stab the pieces into the board. The inspiration behind this is an ancient Chinese board game “Go”, which Sam has always enjoyed playing. This game is played on the grids of the board, as opposed to the squares. When a move is made, the piece is slammed on the board as an intimidation factor; just as the chess piece is stabbed into the board.IMG_2496.JPG


Week 12 Activity: Ethnography

Living without electricity is something I think we all wonder about, but immediately shudder it away to reach back for our precious phones, laptops, and other electronic gadgets. Even when going camping, many of us take some sort of electrical device, to listen to music perhaps. But once in a while, it is good to just step away for a bit.

This weeks art 110 activity is just that. Its hard to do this living in an urban area but I think I found a good spot at home. While its quite bare, it definitely gets the job done. As shown in the picture, this is the roof deck of our house. I simply laid down a mattress and blanket and lay down to take it all.IMG_2479 (1).JPG

At first, I was like what the heck am I doing up here. I was used to listening to music as I fall asleep. I was missing that on going background noise. But then, I realized the other background noise. The  rustling of our neighbors towering palm tree and his Chinese elm tree. It was dark so most birds were asleep, but I still heard a few here and there. There were also a few insects to be heard. But mostly, it was peaceful. If I got up to look around, I would see the steep side of the San Gabriel mountains as a dark silhouette. And although I would see many other buildings and many homes, our street was quiet and I did not see any cars. I could faintly hear them on the main roads, a little farther away. The sky was pretty clear that night, and it actually helped a little that I was three stories up, above most of street lights and what not. When you don’t have your phone to look at, you realize that there actually a few more stars in the sky than you would expect for a Los Angeles night. You realize this especially when you start trying to count them.

Eventually I got tired of trying to count them and my mind would wander. I would think about what I had to do the next day, about my homework, and simply just sorting my life out.This actually I think helped me get better rest because when I fell asleep, many things had been sifted through and organized in m head. It was a very peaceful sleep that’s for sure. I highly recommend it. Now I really want to go camping under the stars.

I would not say this was a “hard” experience but it was definitely unique. Neither would I say that it was frustrating. If anything it was liberating. We look to our phones for liberation from boredom, but then we basically become enslaved by our phones. This experience away from technology was good. It was more harmonious with nature as well. You start taking in the sights (stars) and sounds of nature. We as humans are a part of nature anyways, but we tend to alienate ourselves from nature through technology. Living without electricity can’t be said to be boring. All of a sudden, you realize there is so much more to explore outside what we normally plug into. I am sure people without electricity were very in tune with this world, and they probably led  a more carefree life. Technology is supposed to simplify things, but for some reason in this world, everything is more high strung and everyone seems to suffer from stress.

Ideally for me, I would like to this maybe on a monthly basis if I could. I would go camping maybe on a weekend perhaps, leave my electronics behind, and simply unwind from society for a night or two. The rest of the week though I would carry on as I normally do as far as connectivity goes. There is no way this world can run without it and therefore we must use it. It is all good as long we know we can disconnect for a little bit, and remember there is a world outside of the vast world of the internet. It is only because of that world that the world of the internet exists.