Classmate Convo Week 14

This past week for art 110 we met up in the awesome Japaneses garden. Here besides the activity for the week, we also had to do a classmate conversation. Sitting behind me was a guy doing his drawings. I had no clue who he was, he didn’t know me, so we decided to talk.

My new found friend is Sergio Perez. Sergio is a fourth year computer engineering student at CSULB looking to graduate spring of next year. How nice does that sound! Good luck and congratulations to you my friend.

Sergio lives in Paramount, California and commutes to school every day. Lucky for him, his commute is not very long, although some times it can become a little traffic heavy. He has numerous hobbies he enjoys doing that range from outdoor to indoor. He likes to go on hikes as well as going cycling. When he is not doing that, he likes to relax at home and play some video games. His favorite game of all time he says would have to be Mortal Kombat.

Although Sergio really likes his free time, like all of us college students, he needs to try to make ends meet financially. For a job, he works in downtown Long Beach. He says its easy though. All he does is hangs out at a booth and charges cars to use the parking lot. He does this mostly on weekends when there is more traffic and more business in Long Beach.

His website is thatoneguysergio.wordpress.comFullSizeRender.jpg


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