Week 15 Activity

If everything were to turn out as I have it planned Right now, I would become something in the medical field. I would either become a chiropractor or a physical therapist. This is as of right now and what I am studying. I like learning about the human body as it relates to movement and structure, as opposed to what we think of about a common doctor who is more interested in the physiology and diseases. My plan for the next five years is mainly school. If I were to start counting off as of right now, the first two years, would involve finishing my Kinesiology bachelor degree in my third and fourth years of college. For at least two of the following next three years I would be in grad school, while hopefully working a decent paying job with my Bachelors degree and setting my self up for a nice career job when I finish grad school in two or three years. After that i am secure, maybe I will try to a bunch of traveling and adventurous things before deciding to settle to have a family and try to start a new life for someone.

If everything I described above suddenly was lost, I would do possibly two things. The first is I would work for my dad, who owns a construction company. My plan for the next five years would simply be to work with him and focus entirely on learning the craft and continuing the company after he decides to retire. Besides that, I would immediately go an enlist in the navy. I would go through the first few years as an enlisted serviceman and work my way up the ranks. It is something which is a pretty stable job and something with an abundance of benefits. It is also something noble and I’ve always been attracted to the navy.

If I was totally financially secure, I would actually consider opening up a mechanic shop specifically for vintage VWs. I am fascinated and obsessed with them. I drive a 1971 super beetle myself. It is my pride and joy. The market for the classic VW’s is actually coming back and booming and prices and values are on  a very steady incline for the foreseeable future. I am not very knowledgeable about all the mechanics, but I know enough and I would simply hire out all the old mechanics I know who use to be VW certified to do most of the work. I would sit back and admire.


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