Week 11 Artist Convo

This week at the SOA galleries I talked to artist Sirius Moghim. He is a senior graduating in the fall of 2017 BFA a in Sculpture.

Sirius had a very intriguing display so I decided to talk to him about it. The first piece that caught my attention was called the “Geometry of Grief”. For me, I did not like taking geometry and it was grief but I knew that this was probably not the meaning behind it. Sirius told me that in Islamic culture, geometry and perfect patters are used to try to express higher things, such as God. For him however, making geometrical patterns was his outlet- his way to deal with grief. Hanging near the projection is an embroidery of a woman playing the violin, a piece of art which his diseased mother had made.IMG_2442.JPG

On the other side of the gallery, there was another projection. This was a somewhat blurry projection though, but it seemed to reminisce a sort of paradise. In front of the projection was suspended a crystal clear violin, which actually cast a dark shadow. This whole set up had wonderful and deep meaning which I truly appreciated. The crystal clear violin reminded him of his mother and her embroidery. Yet the shadow which seemed to fall into another world, which was paradise, symbolized the void in Sirius’s life which had been left by her departure from this world.IMG_2443.JPG

I appreciated Sirius’s insight. I would not say the set up was spectacular at first sight, or artfully skillful. But it was tremendously profound.


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