Week 15 Classmate Convo

The very last classmate conversation we did was a cool one because I finally met someone, who not only was out of state, but was also out of the country.

This past week I met a new friend called Duy Vu. Immediately there was a connection because a close family friend has the same last name. Duy Vu is a freshman at CSULB. He is a computer science major and really loves computers and how the software works. He actually plans to develop video games as a career  and dream job. He would like to work either for Blizzard or Riot.

In Duy’s free time, he likes to watch anime and other TV shows. He loves to play games, especially League of Legends. Anything that is Sherlock related he also likes. He wants to start playing tennis but as a busy student always on the go he hasn’t had the time. A fun fact about him is that he is fascinated by owls. A liking we also had in common was that we both like dogs that look like wolves, especially huskies. But the coolest thing about Duy is that he is from Vietnam. He lives at the international students’s dorms and like the American atmosphere. He is excited though to get back to his country for the summer. Maybe he will post his summer on his website at notduyswear.wordpress.com.

Nice meeting you, Duy. And if ever I go to Vietnam, I’m hitting you up.image1.jpeg


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