Week 14 Activity: Japanese Garden

First I have to say that it is actually hard than I thought to draw without an eraser. We have an image in our head and we know what we want it to look like. But for some reason our hand cannot translate the mental image into a sketched image on paper. Once you screw up the line, or you think you have screwed up the line, you immediately want to fix it and erase it. Its hard to convince yourself that this line is not a mess up but part if the drawing. I guess this makes sense when you see sketches by artists done in pen. I always wondered how they risked it and what they did if a line seemed out of place. Now I understand that all lines have their place, and even if it looks off it can still be incorporated into the drawing.

I started off the drawing activity by trying to pick out the features which made the Japanese Garden what it was. So I noticed the carefully manicured plants and the koi fish. I knew if I could get the plants down especially, it would make the final sketch really appear Japanese.                                                                       IMG_2518 (1)         IMG_2519 (1)

This was the final product. I probably should have also practiced the bridge as it was very characteristic of the Japanese garden as well. I like more of a representational art so that is what I tried to make this sketch.IMG_2512 (1).JPG


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