Week 11 Classmates Convo

This week we had a three way classmate conversation to change things up a bit. First I had the pleasure of talking to Jeremy Masterson. We both have a mutual friend in Courtney Clyde and we had always said hi in passing. Jeremy, like myself, is a second year student pursuing a degree in business. He is from the Bay Are up in Nor Cal. During the school semesters, he stays in an apartment with a group of guys so as not to pay the expensive full rent or even more expensive dorms of CSULB. His website is itsmywebsiteweb.wordpress.com

My other new friend is Miguel Cabada. Miguel is a freshman here at CSULB at plans to earn his degree in computer technology. My respects to him because I am illiterate when it comes to such technology. I barely can find our Art 110 assignments and then post them. Miguel commutes from Compton, California. He likes to play soccer with his buddies and hang out. He also always finds enjoyment in watching Youtube videos and the like such as Netflix. His webiste is cabadamiguel.wordpress.com

Jeremy here is on the left and Miguel is on the right with me standing in between them. Nice to meet you guys!IMG_2441.JPG


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