Week 12 Artist Convo

This week at the SOA, I think I found my favorite display yet. I said this a few weeks ago about the turtle display, but this display took it away for me. The reason for this I think, is because I could relate to it better.

The brains and hands behind this display were that of Jacob Hogan. Jacob Hogan is a senior with a major crafting, specifically in metal working. He is graduating this semester and hopes to work for a design company. As of right now, he works at a small body shop in Newport that restores unique classic cars. From an early age, Jacob was always taking things apart and putting them back together the way he wanted. This theme has carried on throughout his life and artwork. He sees furniture for example, and he may like the concept, but he thinks he can design it better.

In this picture of a necklace, he takes the concept of a chain necklace, and wonders how he can do something unique to it. He then forges all the pieces as cubes.IMG_2472.JPG

Jake looks at something as simple as a wooden or tile bar top and wonders what it would look like made out of metal. In this masterpiece, he took copper and brass strip and wove them together into this awesome looking bar top.IMG_2471.JPG

Or making a coffee table from a car tire..IMG_2476.JPG

The reason I can relate to the art and the artist, is because we come from similar backgrounds. His father was an architect, as is my mom. A lot of his work involve manual labor, crafting with raw materials and metal working. Growing up as the son of a general contractor, I see these raw materials being turned into all sorts of cool and useful things.

I really like Jake’s style too. He was up and involved, with his display. He was so passionate about describing his work yet super chill.  He said he didn’t want to just sit outside at a table and awkwardly watch people come in and out of his gallery. Also. his display was pure art for the sake of showing craftsmanship. There were no politics involved which inspired the art, as were many displays before. With all due respect to the other artists, I just loved how Jake was all about making stuff with your hands, with raw earth materials, some patience, and a little innovation, just to see how cool his work could get.

He told me this is his senior display, which I was disappointed to hear. I would have totally come checked him out again if he was doing another. But I did get his instagram which I will keep up on and you should too!

IG: Yohogan


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