Week 4 Artist Cono Jenny Cho

This week in Art 110 we once again went down to the art galleries to check out the art exhibits. There was more art this time and it was all just as fascinating. The art exhibit that interested me the most was that of Jenny Cho.

Jenny Cho art is a sort of hybrid in between crafts and what is generically considered art (so things such as paintings and drawings). She says one of the main themes running through her art is that of feminism.


Here is Jenny with one of her best pieces. This is a prime example of combining art with craft. The strips of paper have been painted but arranged in such a way to produce the image of a flower.She put all this together with wires from a circuit board which are actually on the back side. The back side of this image looks like a less detailed version of the front of the flower. This has symbolism as well. It is reminiscent of a special flower found in Buddha culture. Its a special flower which blooms during the day but withdraws back into the mud at night. The back side which holds it all together can be seen as the roots from which the beauty comes.

This next craft is that of house. On the back side of it is actually painted the word “slut”, Inside there are feminine products such as make up and some high heels right outside the door. The idea here is that there are double standards for women. On one end she is expected to be at the home and be a mother, but if she wants to go out and have fun (represented by the heels) she is immediately labeled a slut. This house also rests on a rainbow, because you cannot be a supporter of feminism and  and not recognize the LGBT community.IMG_1361.JPG


Conversation With CSULB Artist

In week three of Art 110, we had the privilege of visiting the art Galleries at school to check out some very neat art crafted by the student artists. There were three shows, each quite different from the other.

The show which I was intrigued about was that of Megyn Macuen.img_1242

Here are just a few images of her art work. There was a childish theme weaved through out her art.We interviewed her and she told us how the the little animals blued to the bottom of the contraption above. She said these were hand painted by children and she collects such items. This contraption has several planes as she imagined them. The toys were on a lower plain, as usually they are considered lower in the social hierarchy. The lumps on the plane above seem more austere, harder formed, perhaps contrasting adults against innocent children.img_1238These mop looking structures are actually reminiscent of tether balls. Once again, this is consistent with the “children” theme. The “mop heads” Megyn wove herself.  Propping the stands at and angle are softballs which gives the art piece more a a sporty feel besides reminiscing a tether ball. IMG_1245.JPG

I asked Megyn if she had a particular theme which inspired her. She basically said that her inspiration was actually no inspirations. She will start crafting a project without a certain direction in mind. Instead, she will simply do whatever she feels or thinks will look cool next. She does this so as to make the observer guess what is the thinking behind the art. That way, the observer scrutinizes more, but is not necessarily limited to thinking inside a preset mode; a mode preset by an interpretation given by the artist. Perhaps the observer may draw deeper and more pertinent meaning from it.

Week 3 Classmate Intro

This week In Art 110 I met another great friend. Like my friend Jeremy Masterson, He is from Nor Cal, near the bay area. Hailing from Danville in the SF bay area, his name is Alex Lebreton

Alex is a tall, lanky, good looking dude who drives a Beamer;). He is a 20 year old Biology major with aspiring dreams. I tip my hats to those bio majors because boy do they have it rough. I am required to take two general chem classes for my major and that was like walking through hell and back. Yet these guys gotta do two more semesters of Organic chem!! Good luck my man. Try not to think of “red” too much. He says anger is what comes to mind when he hears the name of the color. I’m sure it will all be worth it in the end when you are a Doctor and reaping the sweet rewards.

Alex in his free time, likes to hang out with the squad. Along with this he told me he likes to workout, explore, and go to the beach. He likes to go on hikes and what caught me is that he likes to drive. I mean, maybe because his car is a sweet sports car, but I like my car too and driving here in LA is not pleasurable at all. Maybe he means Nor Cal type traffic…?

U can ask him about that if you visist his website @ alexlebreton.wordpress.com.

One bad thing about Alex though, is that he is a San Jose Sharks fan. I think that is enough said.


Week 2: Classmate Introduction

This past Wednesday I met a new friend from my Art 110 class. His name is Jeremy Masterson and he is a second year student like myself. He is a business major, and like myself, he is trying to fill in his Art GE requirement.

Jeremy is from norther California. We spent a little time talking about his home town and then a little about towns in the area. I was trying to remember the names of some of the towns that I’ve been to in the area. He knew some and others he was not familiar with. We then discussed where I was from. I told him I was sort of a local although I live slightly farther than most. He is fortunate enough though to have an apartment in the Long Beach area. Hopefully I will some day have one as well. You should check him out at itsmywebsiteweb.wordpress.com. Here he is to my right so you know what he looks like.img_0235-jpg

Week 1: Classmate Introduction

I met one of my class mates today. I do not remember her name unfortunately nor do I have a picture. We exchanged numbers but i guess she forgot. I do remember however that we were the exact same major and the exact same emphasis. We are both Kin majors with emphasis in exercise science. She is a first year and still has to go through the grueling classes of chemistry. Good luck with that!

She told me she lives in Torrance so naturally we turned to commuting since we are both commuters. Of course being from LA, we had to put a word or two in about traffic. She said that she is lucky since she is always driving the opposite direction of the heavy traffic flow. She has to take the 405 which as any local can tell you, is named as such because you go 4 0r 5 mph at top speed.

I also learned that her mom is from is Germany and her father from Guatemala. She has been to Germany several times and is planning soon to pay a visit to her father’s homeland. It must be exciting to get so immersed in multiple cultures and worlds like that. Not to mention the free lodging when you travel lol.

Plastering at Seal Beach

Today my art class headed out to the beach and made plaster molds of body parts. Its fun easy to do, and results are really cool. They make you feel artistic!img_1147

Trevor, Courtney and I show off our “master pieces” haha.

I scrounged around at home and found a collapsible shovel and a home depot bucket. I headed out of the house as Courtney and I had prearranged for her to pick some plaster up for me. We got to the beach where Glenn generously offered his help and some tea!

We started off by digging holes. We would stick a limb in the hole and fill it with wet sand. After letting the sand solidify for a few minutes, we would carefully extract our limbs leaving behind a mold in the sand. After mixing plaster in our buckets, we poured it into the molds. After hanging around, playing football, and drinking tea, we went and carefully excavated the plaster which had hardened into recognizable hands and feet. My hand will now adorn my moms garden.