Week 10 SOA Artists

My favorite display this past week, and indeed maybe one of my favorites of all the exhibitions I’ve seen at the SOA galleries was that of artist Brittany Waters. She appropriately named it #MoreThanASandbox.image2.jpeg

Brittany is a senior with nearly a BA. With her talent. she put out an impressive spread. She essentially created a beach inside the gallery. Along the hallway leading to the beach were photos of baby sea turtles in various stages of hatching out of their eggs. Then you come upon the beach where there is a beach chair under and umbrella next to a mound of sand. Out of the mound of sand are dozens and dozens of baby turtles racing out of their birthplace and towards the beach which is projected against the wall.

image5.jpegBrittany was inspired to create this awesome spread in order to bring attention to the fact that we must be careful with the wildlife around us. She is trying to remind people that there are still wild animals such as turtles who have for centuries made these local beaches their habitats. However, human society has encroached on these habitats and driven these wonderful creatures away and plummeted their numbers. It is a friendly reminder to help keep our beaches clean and safe for us and our little friends frantically scurrying for their lives towards the surf. image3.jpeg



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