Week 9 Activity

Spray painting is always something fun that I have enjoyed. My dad being in the construction business, naturally had paint projects. This there was never a shortage of paint cans in our garage. As a kid, I would try to put stuff together out of wood and paint it with a spray can. Or my dad would give me simple touch up jobs.

Tagging has a different element though and it feels unique because you know this is your work and not just a project. Painting my name was funner than I anticipated and it didn’t take much to look good. I realized then how easy and quick it must be for an experienced artist to do something awesome and quick on the side of a building. I did my four letter name in black and gold. Go Beach! I set it up next to my VW Bug because I think bugs and spray paint have a deep connection made by the hippies lol.IMG_2393.JPG


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