Week 9 Artist Convo

At the SOA galleries at school, there was quite a display by several artists, There was one however which really caught my attention so I decided to find out the skilled mind and hands behind these art pieces.IMG_2385.JPG

The artist’s name was David DeSantis. David is getting ready to graduate in a few months with a BFA in print making. he plans to go to grad school but not immediately. Working 60-70hrs per week is exhausting so once he is done with school, he wants to take a little bit of a break off of it. In his spare time, he likes to play pool, go snowboarding, listen to dubstep, go to festivals and chill out with friends. He loves motorcycles and anything daring he because he is a self described adrenaline junky.

Davids art is made from plexiglass and he likes to use lithography. He has a badass piece which is a wolf snarling. He gets inspired from his dubstep music and and also from Jackson Pollock. His art pieces are aimed more in a fluid abstract expressionism. As he listens to his music, he tries to let his artwork flow with it as well. He has an IG @rapturefineartIMG_2386.JPG


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