Week 7: Classmate Conversations

This week I spoke with a girl from our Art 110 class named Courtney Abigail Clyde, from San Marcos in Santa Barbara. Courtney and I began speaking over our high school days of “glory” in sports. I told her about how I use to play rugby and how our team was pretty good. I felt cheated of my potential when I broke my hand early on in my senior season, as I had started of as one of the leading try scorers. Courtney then told me how she played soccer at a high level of competition and even going on to a National tournament. She also ran track and field and excelled in that as well. Unfortunately, she was also hit with a knee injury which was difficult to recover from.

Now Courtney plays for various leagues on campus and sometimes off campus. She is very active and has a busy lifestyle. Besides all her personal physical activity, she runs inter-murals at the SRWC which is a lot of work. She is also a photographer for the school. She has to balance all this with her studies so she can pay the bills.

Courtney is a second year like myself. We also aspire to be physical therapists one day as a career. We both love sports and want to pursue something connected to it.





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