Week 7: Artist Convo

Christina Clay is an undergraduate student art the CSULB SOA. She is an illustration major and obviously loves to draw. This had not been her first major however. She had started off as a business major. The math involved in the major proved to be too much of a headache so she switched to what she loves to do-art. For the past four years, Christina has mostly focused on digital art.

Christina’s piece on display is named “Infinite Cities”.

IMG_2354 (2)

The inspiration behind this photo was Christina’s big project. She has been working on a comic book over the last year or so. She did not want to go into the full plot of the story as it would spoil the story. The man in the painting is actually a character from the comic book named Alex. He is a miner from a small town, and thus why there are crystals in the background.

It was hard to grasp meaning when the inspirational story behind the painting is hidden, waiting to be revealed in what must be an awesome comic to be released. What caught my eye were the crystals though. I am a Marvel movie fan, and for some reason the crystals reminded me of the Green Lantern. Maybe Christina gets inspiration from thisfor her comic but I still think its pretty cool. It was done on a silk screen and with a stencil to have defined straight edges.

I hope one day I can see Christina’s full comic which I am sure will have awesome illustrations. Follow her on the instagram provided below and maybe one day we will get to see it!

Artist: Christina Clay

Exhibition: Infinite Cities

Media: Illustration

Gallery: CSULB school of art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: NA

Instagram: MacnDrees


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