Zine And Flip Book

“How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive” is something that is always runnig through my head and what I made my little booklet on. The title is actually the name of a real book which is roughly the equivalent of VW for Dummies type of book.

My 1971 Volkswagen Super Beetle is my first car. It not only has classic value, but sentimental value for that reason. It is my pride and joy and I love to cruise around in it and use it as my daily driver. Its what I think about in my off time and also my biggest source of pain because bugs break down. I worked a couple summers in high school to save up the money and bought it my first semester of college. Ever since it has been a continuous journey.image3.JPGVolkswagens were the camrys and civics of the 60s and 70s. They were cheap, easy to fix and maintain. They were notorious for running forever on the bare minimum, no special technology. And although they did have numerous problems, they were easy to fix and get rolling again. Besides, they had a good look and character to them. My car is 46 years old now so I have to make sure to be on top of maintenance eve more than previous owners.

The first step is having the right tools. I have broken down numerous times and when I first bought the car without any knowledge of cars, I was always at a loss when I broke down. I bought a tool box and carry it in my cars at all times now. This is absolutely crucial, otherwise u might end up spending a lot more money on towing. And besides, its good to learn how to work with your hands.image2.JPG

The engine is simple and something that you must be familiar with. It is whats going to give power to your joy ride and alss be your source of trouble. But if you are always checking it and on top of it, eventually you will get it to the point where minimal maintenance is required. So you must get familiar with the picture under that back hood.image1.JPG


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