Week 5: Artist Convo

One walks in between two dark tinted doors into a dimly lit room. Almost immediately one stumbles upon an array of artfully displayed cement blocks with ceramic toys half pooping out of them. This is the display of Joshua Thomen, a student of the CSULB School of Art.image1.jpeg   Joshua, who had previously aspired to be a graphic designer, became interested more in sculpture type art since he says it is more an expression of oneself rather than someone else’s ideas. In these particular pieces of art, Joshua expresses his feeling about being “stuck”. He says that in this recent political climate, he thinks a lot of people feel stuck. So around the time of the inauguration of our new President, he expressed his “stuckness” by sticking the ceramics into these tomb like looking blocks. He set them in a dim room with chimes which reminds him of home, and gives the art work a bit of softness to contradict the slight austerity and graveyard look. image3

I think its funny to point out that the way Joshua was dressed up in a way that evoked a sort of Dracula look. I brought that to his attention and he appreciated how I thought it might correlate with the graveyard look.image2

Check him out at voyezmessouvenirs on Instagram. This is French for “you see my memories”. This is where you can see his self expressions.


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