Automatic Drawing: Human Spirograph

The automatic drawing was something which I had never quite experienced. Although I am not an artist, I enjoy drawing. However, I am always very focused and in control of what my hand is doing, not letting it freely roam.

I met up with a classmate, Courtney Clyde, and we purchased our material at the university art store. We did not really have access to a room for dim lighting and candle light, but we went to the children’s library because we thought it would be artsy to have our “inner child” come out. We sat at a table and let our hands roam, especially in circular motions.IMG_1448.JPG

We tried to be creative and used two different colors. The results were pretty cool and we took it a little further, purposely drawing loops while still having a relaxed hand. Then, Letting the “inner child” come out we rubbed the pastel color. This blended everything together in a nice mixture of colors.IMG_1452.JPG


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