Week 4 Artist Cono Jenny Cho

This week in Art 110 we once again went down to the art galleries to check out the art exhibits. There was more art this time and it was all just as fascinating. The art exhibit that interested me the most was that of Jenny Cho.

Jenny Cho art is a sort of hybrid in between crafts and what is generically considered art (so things such as paintings and drawings). She says one of the main themes running through her art is that of feminism.


Here is Jenny with one of her best pieces. This is a prime example of combining art with craft. The strips of paper have been painted but arranged in such a way to produce the image of a flower.She put all this together with wires from a circuit board which are actually on the back side. The back side of this image looks like a less detailed version of the front of the flower. This has symbolism as well. It is reminiscent of a special flower found in Buddha culture. Its a special flower which blooms during the day but withdraws back into the mud at night. The back side which holds it all together can be seen as the roots from which the beauty comes.

This next craft is that of house. On the back side of it is actually painted the word “slut”, Inside there are feminine products such as make up and some high heels right outside the door. The idea here is that there are double standards for women. On one end she is expected to be at the home and be a mother, but if she wants to go out and have fun (represented by the heels) she is immediately labeled a slut. This house also rests on a rainbow, because you cannot be a supporter of feminism and  and not recognize the LGBT community.IMG_1361.JPG


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