Week 3 Classmate Intro

This week In Art 110 I met another great friend. Like my friend Jeremy Masterson, He is from Nor Cal, near the bay area. Hailing from Danville in the SF bay area, his name is Alex Lebreton

Alex is a tall, lanky, good looking dude who drives a Beamer;). He is a 20 year old Biology major with aspiring dreams. I tip my hats to those bio majors because boy do they have it rough. I am required to take two general chem classes for my major and that was like walking through hell and back. Yet these guys gotta do two more semesters of Organic chem!! Good luck my man. Try not to think of “red” too much. He says anger is what comes to mind when he hears the name of the color. I’m sure it will all be worth it in the end when you are a Doctor and reaping the sweet rewards.

Alex in his free time, likes to hang out with the squad. Along with this he told me he likes to workout, explore, and go to the beach. He likes to go on hikes and what caught me is that he likes to drive. I mean, maybe because his car is a sweet sports car, but I like my car too and driving here in LA is not pleasurable at all. Maybe he means Nor Cal type traffic…?

U can ask him about that if you visist his website @ alexlebreton.wordpress.com.

One bad thing about Alex though, is that he is a San Jose Sharks fan. I think that is enough said.



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