Conversation With CSULB Artist

In week three of Art 110, we had the privilege of visiting the art Galleries at school to check out some very neat art crafted by the student artists. There were three shows, each quite different from the other.

The show which I was intrigued about was that of Megyn Macuen.img_1242

Here are just a few images of her art work. There was a childish theme weaved through out her art.We interviewed her and she told us how the the little animals blued to the bottom of the contraption above. She said these were hand painted by children and she collects such items. This contraption has several planes as she imagined them. The toys were on a lower plain, as usually they are considered lower in the social hierarchy. The lumps on the plane above seem more austere, harder formed, perhaps contrasting adults against innocent children.img_1238These mop looking structures are actually reminiscent of tether balls. Once again, this is consistent with the “children” theme. The “mop heads” Megyn wove herself.  Propping the stands at and angle are softballs which gives the art piece more a a sporty feel besides reminiscing a tether ball. IMG_1245.JPG

I asked Megyn if she had a particular theme which inspired her. She basically said that her inspiration was actually no inspirations. She will start crafting a project without a certain direction in mind. Instead, she will simply do whatever she feels or thinks will look cool next. She does this so as to make the observer guess what is the thinking behind the art. That way, the observer scrutinizes more, but is not necessarily limited to thinking inside a preset mode; a mode preset by an interpretation given by the artist. Perhaps the observer may draw deeper and more pertinent meaning from it.


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