Week 1: Classmate Introduction

I met one of my class mates today. I do not remember her name unfortunately nor do I have a picture. We exchanged numbers but i guess she forgot. I do remember however that we were the exact same major and the exact same emphasis. We are both Kin majors with emphasis in exercise science. She is a first year and still has to go through the grueling classes of chemistry. Good luck with that!

She told me she lives in Torrance so naturally we turned to commuting since we are both commuters. Of course being from LA, we had to put a word or two in about traffic. She said that she is lucky since she is always driving the opposite direction of the heavy traffic flow. She has to take the 405 which as any local can tell you, is named as such because you go 4 0r 5 mph at top speed.

I also learned that her mom is from is Germany and her father from Guatemala. She has been to Germany several times and is planning soon to pay a visit to her father’s homeland. It must be exciting to get so immersed in multiple cultures and worlds like that. Not to mention the free lodging when you travel lol.


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