Plastering at Seal Beach

Today my art class headed out to the beach and made plaster molds of body parts. Its fun easy to do, and results are really cool. They make you feel artistic!img_1147

Trevor, Courtney and I show off our “master pieces” haha.

I scrounged around at home and found a collapsible shovel and a home depot bucket. I headed out of the house as Courtney and I had prearranged for her to pick some plaster up for me. We got to the beach where Glenn generously offered his help and some tea!

We started off by digging holes. We would stick a limb in the hole and fill it with wet sand. After letting the sand solidify for a few minutes, we would carefully extract our limbs leaving behind a mold in the sand. After mixing plaster in our buckets, we poured it into the molds. After hanging around, playing football, and drinking tea, we went and carefully excavated the plaster which had hardened into recognizable hands and feet. My hand will now adorn my moms garden.


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